Friday, October 14, 2011

Man maid


Update (Oct. 16, 2011): After my mom told me she had no idea why I posted the above photo, I guess it requires explanation. As is common in the non-English-speaking-yet-desperately-striving-to-learn-English world, Egyptians often use the English language in daily life and marketing in well-intentioned yet tragically hilarious ways. This phenomenon was certainly common in Amman, practiced most admirably by the burgeoning ridiculous-notebook industry.

Egypt takes it to a new level, though. Usually, missing letters and mistranslated expressions serve as the basis for some good laughs. They're enough to get any English-speaking expat through the day, chuckling all the way. But sometimes, literal translations unintentionally challenge gender roles in this very conservative society, as the above coffee cup attests. Other times, a simple misspelling can make unintended social statements...

Such a shaggy car. Or saggy car?

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