Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jordan Joke

A couple weeks ago, we walked into our ‘amiyya (colloquial Arabic) classroom/conference room and found a lone sheet of paper chilling on the table. Stamped with the name of a professor from the “Department of English, University of Jordan,” it featured a pretty awkwardly typed text. What follows is an exact reproduction, typos, weird punctuation and strange spacing intact:

A man is

taking a walk

in Central

park in New

York. Suddenly

he sees

a little girl

being attacked

by a pit bull

dog and


fighting with

the dog. He

succeeds in

killing the

dog and

saving the

girl’s life. A

policeman who
was watching

the scene


over and says:

“You are a

hero, tomorrow

you can read

it in all the


“Brave New

Yorker saves

the life of

little girl”

The man

says: – “But I

am not a New


“Oh ,then it

will say in

newspapers in

the morning:


American saves

life of little

girl’” – the


answers. “But

I am not an

American!” –


the man. “Oh,

what are you

then? ” The

man says: – “I

“! am Saudi â

The next day

the newspapers

says: “Islamic


kills innocent

American dog

Oh man. Keep in mind this is apparently used to teach people English. Wonderful.

Anyway, my blog posts might come less frequently over the next couple weeks, as I have a couple midterms coming up and some travel planned. I’ll try to update as much as possible, and I’ll be adding photos to Facebook, too, inshallah.

In the meantime, I strongly urge you to check out this hilarious blog post on my friend Virginia’s (of El Jerasho fame) blog. It’s all about the ridiculous notebooks that Jordanian bookstores around the university sell; some of them are absolutely absurd.

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