Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adventures in Italy, Part II (abridged)

I originally typed up a longer post about the rest of the Italian half of my summer trip, but (1) I accidentally deleted it; (2) I have lots of homework now; (3) a long post about my stereotypical European vacation is probably not super engaging anyway; and (4) speaking Arabic all the time is slowly eating away at my ability to communicate lucidly in English. So instead of rewriting that lost post, I'm going to take a page from the notebook of my sister Amanda, who signs her blog posts with a few words or phrases that are on her mind at the time. Enjoy!

Palermo (Sicily): Spur of the moment flight to Sicily, mob bosses, mob hats, fried swordfish, gritty streets.

Grill, salt, olive oil, serve.

Siracusa (Sicily): Ancient, empty Greek and Roman ruins, fried-eggplant hostel cooking, random beach with locals.

The locals used to sacrifice animals and other locals here.

Catania (Sicily): Fish market, transvestite prostitutes, Justin's wallet stolen.

Catania train station

Justin on the phone with Canada, post-theft

"This money belt thingamajig could prove useful!"

Overnight bus to Naples: Ferry, sleep, window seat.

Naples: Heavenly pizza, trash piles on the street (they've got nothing on Cairo's trash piles), extremely sketchy, crime-invested.

Naples in a nutshell (sans pizza)

Pompeii: Unbelievably vast site, ceramic casts of dead Pompeians, incredibly well preserved.

Rome: Tango by the Trevi Fountain, almost getting kicked out of a sovereign state (i.e. the Vatican), bargaining with Bangladeshis for roses, Sistine Chapel, Segways, LOTS of awesome ruins.

Dome of St. Peter's Basilica

 The Map Room, the Vatican Museums

 Near the Pantheon

The Ara Pacis Museum 

 Cruising around the Villa Borghese park

The Vatican Museums

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